Wednesday, February 16, 2011


No particular reason for this. There is a free episode of He-Man on iTunes this week, so after I downloaded it I got the idea to draw He-Man as a kid with his kitten Cringer.

*EDIT* Just added this Skeletor image.

*Another EDIT* Did you really think that I would like Skeletor get away with that? Of course not. She-Ra to the rescue!

*Final EDIT* Sure, She-Ra dished out some justice, but someone needs to make it right. That's where Orko comes in. Enjoy.


Scott said...

Very nice!

Lori-Lee Thomas said...

Awww yeeaahh, Sand Castle Greyskull! HA! Clever. :P

Kevin Cross said...

I love these!!!! Super fun!

Juliana Fonseca said...

I want watch in tv this animation he-kid!

WilsonW said...

Go SHe-RA!!!!!