Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Logo

So, for some reason I really like making logos for my personal properties. It's super fun. Anyways, I trimmed the fat on my Pest Control logo. I cut it down and made it more simple, yet a little more complex and the same time. I always wanted to make it look a little bit 3D, but didn't quite get how to do it until now. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Process Diary

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I was a guest on The Process Diary podcast with Paul Cageggi.

You can listen to it here:

Paul Cageggi, Sam Kirkman, Lee Wiley, Warren Belfield and myself talk about our upcoming anthology which is called
8: A Steampunk Anthology

If you do by chance listen to this podcast, a fun game to play while listening is to count how many times we all say "You Know" and how many times I clear my throat obnoxiously. HAHA! Enjoy.

Look through the posts and you'll find a sneak peek at my story for the anthology called Pest Control.