Saturday, May 29, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Slither"

Every time I come across a topic on Illustration Friday I try and draw the first thing that comes to my mind. So, the first thing that I thought of when I saw 'Slither' was 'Slytherin' from Harry Potter. Then I thought 'Salazar Slytherin'. So, I drew Salazar Slytherin.

Yeah, it has nothing to do really with 'Slither', but whatever. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

ROBO 6! Sneak Peek!

Sshhh. Don't tell anyone, but I'm writing and illustrating a story called ROBO 6. Here is a sneak peek of the cover and an interior illustration. I won't say what it's about or what it's for, but just trust me on this: It's gonna be pretty flippin cool in my humble opinion. Okay, that wasn't so humble, but you have to like your own work, right? If you don't, then why do it?

Anyways, enjoy this little tidbit because it's all you're gonna get. Sorry, it's a really short story. By showing you this I've already showed 1/7th of it. So, enjoy.