Friday, October 23, 2009

For the Fun of it

Here's a little sketch I did for the fun of it just to take a break from drawing girly things for my next book. Gotta do this to keep my sanity. I have 3 boys, so I know nothing of girly stuff, and I'm not around it, so it's a pretty hard task for me, but it's good too, builds character, right?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trying Something New

I'm trying out a more loose style. I'm getting a bored with my uptight, super controlled stuff. So here is a cute little picture to give the sketchy style a trial run. What do you think?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Here is a little Halloween illustration for your viewing pleasure. I'm not only drawing a fun halloween piece, but I'm doing a little experimentation here as well. I have my usual "tight" style with the boy and his candy, but now I'm experimenting with a more "loose" style with the ghost thing. Let me know what you think of the loose stuff. I'm still in the process of getting it to where I thing it looks acceptable, but I think it's a good start. Enjoy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Raccoon stole my tater tots!

My wife and I caught a raccoon digging in the garbage, so we put some tater tots in the window seal to get a better shot of it. I put the video in iMovie and put some music to it to make it look like a dumb movie trailer. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mummy the Kid

Here is a little promotional piece for a story/rhyme that I haven't written yet, but plan on doing. I don't know how I am going to do this yet. Maybe a short comic. Maybe a mini children's book. Don't know yet. This illustration is really all I have right now. Enjoy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mummy Kid

I felt like I needed to do some practice drawing the same character in multiple poses and such, so I started off a little more simple. So, I doodled out this mummy kid. I think that the best ones are the top left, bottom middle and bottom right. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here is the finished dragon piece. Enjoy.