Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just got the proof yesterday for "If I could be anything" PINK EDITION. Besides not having a glossy cover, everything looks great. The colors are more vibrant and true to my original files than the BLUE EDITION. Once I get these printed, they will go up on my Etsy Store.

The best part: These are going to cost less than the BLUE EDITION. Better quality and CHEAPER. Can't beat that, right?

Special thanks to Apex Book Manufacturing for printing this. Awesome printing for a good price, not to mention super friendly service.


Melinda said...

Awesome! I love these, Mark!

I'm thinking that maybe in the New Year, I might get one (or both!) of these!

I love the cardboard dinosaur head!! :)

Mark Harmon said...

Thanks Melinda. Not to be too "salesmany" but when the PINK EDITION is printed and am going to sell them individually AND in a "Family Fun Pak" that will have both at a cheaper price.