Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comparisons pt. 2

Here's another comparision of my reference to the final product. As you can see, I change some stuff to match the feel of the piece. So for instance, if someone is smiling in the photo, but I want them to be serious, then I change it. So, I don't copy the reference line for line. I just try and use it as a jumping off point and then try and make it my own. Hope this helps other artists to show my strengths and weaknesses and how I work. Enjoy.


Shirley said...

Really, really cool to see this, Mark. I think you've nailed their likenesses, and how fun it must be for these people to see themselves illustrated! Happy 2010 to you!

Mark Harmon said...

Thanks Shirley. Yeah, I'm kinda wearing my weakness on my sleeves here, but I'm not professing to be the best, so I guess it works. I thought that it would be helpful to other artists, especially ones starting out, to see that you can get a likeness without getting it 100% accurate.

Cat Glazner said...

I love AVATAR. We can't wait the movie comes out!