Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nerd Girl

Nerdy girls sure are fun to draw. This is a character I've been kicking around that I like. Don't really know if I'm going to do something with her or not. If I can come up with a good story, then I'll probably whip something out. If not, it was a fun exercise. In either case, enjoy.


Michael Smetham said...

Hi Mark

You where kind enough to leave a comment on my blog which led me to look at yours. I think your Nerd girl is great!....Your drawing have a really nice quality to them. Just wondering do you get much work through your rep?

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes


Mark Harmon said...

Hey Michael, thanks for the kind words.

I've been with my rep for about a year now and sadly haven't gotten a single thing from her yet. Not to blame the economy for everything, but she started repping me at a really bad time.
I've heard from other artists that have reps, even "THE BIG ONES" like Shannon Associates, say that it took about a year to really start getting some work. So, I guess it's normal. At least I HOPE it's normal.

Have you been looking around for a rep?