Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Fan Art

This is the third fan art piece I've ever done, but I'm really starting to like it. As soon as I get done with one, I want to do another and another and so on. I think I might be developing a little bit of a problem.

Anyways, this is some fan art for an artist by the name of Eddie Pittman. It's an illustration of Red and Tawee from his comic called Red's Planet. Along with Dani Jones in the post before this one, he too is part of Space Dock 7.

I really think you guys should check this stuff out. Good good stuff. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

awesome job. great piece to compliment such a great comic.
loved the Dani Jones piece too. Any more?

Mark Harmon said...

Thanks Kev. Funny you should ask because I'm actually doing a Cleopatra is Spaaace! fan art piece. I think I'm becoming addicted to making fan art. It's like I'm twelve all over again.