Friday, April 27, 2012

Illustration Friday "Jump"

This week's topic for Illustration Friday is "Jump". For this topic I've decided to show you all something I've been working on. For a promotional tool later down the rock I've been working on a PEST CONTROL video game. I've been using the free opensource game called "SuperTux". What I've done is replace the images in the game with my own images, thus creating my own game. I also replaced the sound effects. I'm not a programmer, so I couldn't change the way the game works, so just the physical appearance is different. Right now I've only had time to change all of the characters in the game and a couple other elements, like the power-up boxes, crates, and stuff like that. I haven't been able to change the landscape yet, so it's still in an ice world.

Above are the 3 "stages" of Trigger: small, big with no powers, and powered up version where he can throw gears. This is his JUMP, hence the IF topic.

I've put together some screen grabs to show you a bit of the game and monsters that I've put in. Don't worry, some of the images contain jumping, so it's totally legit. Click on the images for a larger view. Enjoy.

Title Screen. Changed the name from 'SuperTux' to 'Pest Control - Trigger's Cold Adventure'

Change snowball enemies to octopus

World Map. Change little penguin to Trigger's head

Trigger jumping. Changed power-up boxes and crates

Shooting the gears

Changed ice block and bomb enemies into little car thing and exploding slime monster

More slime monsters

Small Trigger jumping

Medium Trigger. Changed jumping metal helmet guy into jumping imp

Changed armored snowball guys into spikey creatures

Changed "goal post" into an electrical thingy

Changed coins into money bags


Lee said...

looks really good.

Charlotte Cheng said...

Mark this is amazing and inspiring . What a great promotion idea! I can't to play it when the game is done :)

sam said...

That is Just flipping SWEET! What a great idea Mark! I wanna play! I wanna Play! Never cease to amaze!

Mark Harmon said...

Sam, do you have a PC or a Mac. This game is one a Mac, but I could probably make it work for a PC. Because I didn't change any programming. I only changed the visuals of the game.

Download the game here:

After you've installed the game, let me know and I'll send you the folders to replace to make it Pest Control!