Friday, March 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: "Warning"

The topic this week for Illustration Friday is "Warning."

I teach the 10-12 year old class in my church and drew this picture to help the kids visualize the scripture that went with it. Enjoy.


Hi I'm Laurie... said...

Very cool cartoon! I'm sure the kids understood the scripture very well after seeing this!

Amalou said...

Your students are very lucky! I'm sure your funny cartoons make learning so much fun for them.

Mark Harmon said...

Thanks. :)

I try to make it fun for them. I remember when I was that age I LOVED cartoons, and still do of course. So, I just hope that the kids in my class love cartoons too.

SI said...

I've often thought about making comics for church. This is great work, great expression, I've sure it communicated well to the kids