Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm an illustrator. I have children. Sometimes, those two things aren't best friends. Here was one of those times.

I have 3 year old twins. They watch me draw. Of course, they
want to do what daddy is doing. So, when daddy is in the bathroom, they grab a permanent marker (which was just right there on the desk) and express themselves all over my stuff.
Now, the tablet and the keyboard didn't really bother me. They're just plastic and it will come off. My biggest concern was the monitor. But, thanks to this stuff:

It now looks like this: TA-DA!

Everything turned out good in the end. So, for those illustrators out there who are debating on whether or not to have kids: Sure, crazy stuff happens, but you can fix it. Go have some kids.


sam said...

I am So CRACKING up right now!!!
I got one of those too! that is some valuable information about Isopropyl alcohol. Just in case.
Thanks for the share buddy, everyone who has one... or two like you will understand, sympathize, and them CRACK up Laughing!!! Maybe not in that order. :o)

sam said...
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Lee Wiley said...

Dude, that is both tragic and hilarious rolled into one! I'll have to remember the Isopropyl Alcohol trick in case I'm ever in that situation! As you've seen, my work place is in a separate office, but you never know when a little one is gonna pull-off a break in!

Mighty Kwan said...

WOW!!! That horrified me as soon as I saw it! So glad to see you were able to clean everything up! I don't have kids, but now I know why a lot of artists put the baby fence outside their studio door. Could you imagine if you worked traditionally and it was the day before your assignment was due! The horror!! LOL!

Have a good holiday bro! Enjoy yourself and your fam!

Mark Harmon said...

OH MAN! Dude, Wilson, I didn't even think of that! If I was working on a traditional drawing for a client or something, I would have been TOAST!

One more reason to go digital folks.

Will said...

I feel your pain man - I've been there - about 15 years ago except it was acrylic paint. :)