Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Logo Process

Everyone seems to be all about the process these days, so I'll go into the process of how I came about this logo. Here goes:

STEP 1: The client said that he wanted a cool looking, winged, hotrod, 80s hair band, telecom swoosh logo that didn't stand out too much from other telecom companies, but still didn't copy anyone. So (for me mostly) I drew all of that rolled into one giant monstrosity. As ridiculous as it looks, it actually helped me a LOT!

STEP 2: He was leaning more toward the hair band/hotrod direction, so I did some trimming. I cut out the fire, lightning, and swoosh. I changed the wings to be more metallic.

STEP 3: I trimmed and simplified some more giving it a more 'classic car' feel.

STEP 4: While trimming some more (loosing the letters in the middle) I realized that the telecom swoosh was gone and I needed to get it back. So, looking at the STEP 3 pic, I saw that I could take the middle circle and tweek it to become a telecom swoosh.

Now I had a telecom looking logo that still looked like a winged, hotrod, hair band logo if he wanted it to. So really, the final company logo is a simplified, sleeked down version of STEP 2.

STEP 5: Finished versions of STEP 2 (for him and his truck) and STEP 4 (for the company).

And there you have it. I hope that was helpful to somebody. I always like seeing the process of how things are done, but never really did it myself. But, things are gonna change from here on out. Enjoy.

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