Friday, June 12, 2009

More of my book

Here is another page from my book. I think this will be the last one that I post, just so I'm not putting the whole thing on here. I plan on being done with this by the end of July so I can have it printed and ready to be sold. I plan on selling this thing at a "farmers market" thing in Salt Lake City, UT. I saw a segment about it on the news and it seems like a great place to sell some art. I also plan on selling it at various Art & Craft fairs in Utah. I'm in Wyoming now, but there is nothing going on here, so that's why I'm doing it all in Utah. I've been trying to get a table at Fandemonium in Nampa, ID, but the lady in charge has not gotten back to me. Anyways, enjoy.

So, I just had my wife take a look at this for the first time and she said that this princess girl looks like a snake lady in a pickle costume. The sad thing is she's totally right. I've been working on this picture too long and haven't been able to look at it from the outside. I've become so invested in it that I've been blinded. It's really good to have a wife that doesn't blow smoke up my rear end and gives it to me straight. She's my best critic. My mom looks at it and says, "Oh, she's so pretty." Which is flattering of course, but doesn't help much. Anyways, I'll keep this image up, but expect it to look really different in the final version. But, I guess people really like to see the process that goes behind this stuff, right? Anyways, later for now.


Bruce Almighty said...

Total snake lady in a pickle dress.

Mark Harmon said...

I know. I'm pretty embarassed about it. The revision looks better now.